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Judul: The Hypothetical Learning Trajectory on Place Value Concept in Realistic Mathematics Education Approach
Penulis: Christi Matitaputty  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding FMIPA 2015 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 116-124 Tahun 2015  [ MIPA ]
Keywords:  Design Research, RME Approach, HLT
Abstract: This study aims to investigate how the shells manipulative can support the meaning of place value. Design research was used as research methodes for study. This paper will be focus only on what the student learning trajectory of learning place value concept in RME approach which envolved from informal level to formal level.Twenty students of grade 2 in SDN 2 Waai were involved. They did activity which use shells manipulative. The result shows that the the Hypothetical Learning Trajectory (HLT) on learning concept of place value in RME approach has increased the students motivation in learning place value concept from informal level to formal level.
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