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Judul: Adsorpsi Logam Cd Menggunakan Arang Aktif dari Kulit Buah Coklat (Theobroma Cacao)
Penulis: Serly J. Sekewael, Jolantje Latupeirissa & Rosalina Johannes  || email:
Jurnal: Indonesian Journal of Chemical Research Vol. 2 no. 2 - hal. 197-204 Tahun 2015  [ MIPA ]
Keywords:  Activation carbon, adsorption of Cd metal, Freundlich isotherm.
Abstract: The study on production of activated carbon from cacao shell (Theobroma cacao) was conducted by added 4 M HCl as activating agent. The results show that acidity of solid carbon active before activated with adsorption weight is 3.2865x10-3 mol.g-1 and after activated is 3.5052x10-3 mol.g-1. Active carbon result is used for the application at adsorption Cd with some variantion, that are optimum concentration 20 ppm and optimum time 80 min. Cd adsorption from active carbon was analyzed by AAS. The results are coeficient correlation (r2) 100 % followed Freundlich isotherm with KF value was 9.994 and n was -0.982.
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