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Judul: Studi Kepadatan Tetraselmis chuii yang Dikultur Pada Intensitas Cahaya Berbeda
Penulis: Jolen Matakupan  || email:
Jurnal: Triton Vol. 5 no. 2 - hal. 31-35 Tahun 2009  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Density, Tetraselmis chuii, Light Intensity
Abstract: Natural feed given to fish or nonfish is critical to increase output. With improvement of technonology makes supply of natural feed in sufficient amount at the right time and continouesly it can be produce by massal culture and laboratorium scale. Tetraselmis chuii represents phytoplankton used as natural feed, but the supply is very limited in nature. To answer the demand of this organism, Tetraselmis chuii are produced by culture to getting it in large number. This research was aimed to know the density of Tetraselmis chuii wich were cultured at different lights intensity. The result showed that the highest to lower density of T.chuii is treatment D 404,16 x 10 4 cells/ml (80 w TL), then followed by treatment E 266,25 x 10 4 cells/ml (100 w TL), treatment C 224,916 x 10 4 cells/ml (60 w TL), treatment B 193,75 x 10 4 cells/ml (40 w TL) and treatment A 43,75 x 10 4 cells/ml (20 w TL). The F-test showed significantly different among treatments.
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