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Judul: Pengujian Sensitivitas dan Efektivitas Antibiotik Terhadap Penyakit Vibriosis Pada Kerapu Tikus Chromileptes Altivelis
Penulis: Nally Y. G. F. Erbabley  || email:
Jurnal: Triton Vol. 7 no. 1 - hal. 60-65 Tahun 2011  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Bacteria Vibrio, Antibiotics, Polkadot Grouper.
Abstract: Diseases inpolkadot grouper culture often result in death, one of them is vibriosis disease caused by bacterial infection of vibrio sp. One way that is often used by fish farmers to control bacterial diseases is by antibiotics can also cause side effects that can makes bacterial pathogen become more resistant to antibiotics. The aims of this study were to isolate and identify the type of vibrio found on polkadot grouper, to analyze the test of bacterial sensitivity to antibiotic in roloks and to analyze the effectiveness of some doses of antibiotic in roloks against vibriosis. This research was conducted at the Institute for Marine Aquaculture of Ambon City, Maluku Province, from April to July 2010.
Based on the results of isolation and identification by biochemical tests, the bacteria found to infect polkadot grouper was Vibrio anguillarum. These bacteria wereGram negative, rod-shaped or straightor coma, moves by using polarflagella, fermentative and cytochrom oxidase positive. The results showed that treatment using in roloks 10 ppm, 15 ppm and 20 ppm gave significant effects on the diameter of the barrier zone (P< 0.05). This means that all three doses of antibiotics in roloks tested had the same ability to control the bacterium Vibrio in polkadot grouper. The affectivity test results showed that administration of different doses of antibiotics significantly affected the percentage value relative infection (RPI) of cultured grouper (P <0.05).This means that all three doses of antibiotics had an average of different levels of effectiveness for the control of vibrio bacteria in polkadot grouper.
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