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Judul: Learning Mathematics By Involving The Left And The Right Brains In Processing Information
Penulis: Magy Gaspersz  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding FMIPA 2016 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 131-139 Tahun 2016  [ Prosiding ]
Keywords:  Learning Mathematics, The Left and The Right Brain, Processing Information.
Abstract: Learning that involves optimal use of the left and right brain in balance will give positive response to the student in thinking and acting. Therefore the learning should be involves picture, color, dimension, or space to make it easy to understand. The left and right brain does not function independently, but will work together in receiving and process the information. So the teacher is expected can design a learning involving the balance of the left and right brain. Mathematics as a tool to develop the student’s sharpness of thinking can be used in solving the problem that is to think logically, analytically, critically, creatively, and work together. The learning of mathematic will more be fun if there is the balance between left and right brain in processing the information. So the brain emotional learning’s system in determining individuality, enable the learning fun for students and make the connection between the left and right hemisphere become faster and the student can think about mathematics’ problem solving.
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