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Judul: Pemanfaatan Karakteristik Getaran Dalam Menentukan Konstruksi Sambungan Kapal Kayu Yang Tepat Dan Bersesuaian Dengan Karakter Mesin
Penulis: R. P. Soumokil  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding Archipelago Engineering 2020 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 19-23 Tahun 2020  [ Teknik ]
Keywords:  characteristics of vibration, excitation, connection, resonance, amplitude.
Abstract: The main source of excitation on traditional wooden motorized vessels is the vibration of the main engine. The structure is designed to be able to withstand the burden of the forces acting on it. The type of engine used in Maluku is mostly from China due to its more affordable price. So that the vibration of the main engine can be distributed evenly, then the construction characteristics in the connection area must be known so that the transmission can be engineered and resonance at a certain point can be avoided. Aim of this study is to analyze vibrations in the area of wooden ship construction with different excitation sources. The source of excitation comes from two different engines mounted on ships of the same size. The use of two different machines aims for the analysis to be able to recommend a connection that matches the performance of each machine through the amount of amplitude that occurs at the connection points. The results showed that the Dong Feng machine had the smallest amplitude value at 0.078 mm in the direction of the Tangential fiber, still above the allowable amplitude limit of 0.039 mm for the horizontal vibration direction. The amplitude generated from the use of the Dong Feng engine will be smaller if it uses a model III connection, a notched straight notch, with radial fiber direction, while the Yanmar engine will be better if it uses a model II connection with tangential fiber direction.
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