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Judul: Studi Eksperimen Pengaruh Kecepatan Udara (V) Terhadap Karakteristik Perpindahan Panas Konveksi Paksa Pelat Datar
Penulis: Rikhardus Ufie  || email:
Jurnal: Teknologi Vol. 7 no. 2 - hal. 808 - 812 Tahun 2010  [ Teknik ]
Keywords:  Fluid velocity, flat plate, Reynolds number, Nusselt number, convection coefficient
Abstract: Effect of air velocity on heat transfer characteristics of flat plate; have been studied with forced convection heat transfer. Experimental research conducted by varying the air velocity (V) = 0.43 to 0.93 m/s with the characteristic length (Lc) = 0.50 m, the heat load (Q *) = 450 W, and room temperature (Tro) = 28 oC is constant. Data were collected from 15-minute intervals for 5 hours in order to observe the characteristics of heat transfer with increasing air velocity (V) with a significant gradient. Characteristics of heat transfer namely the Reynolds number (Re), Nusselt number (Nu), convection coefficient (h) the optimum occurs at V = 0.93 m / s while the minimum V = 0.43 m/s, while the convection heat transfer rate (qkonv) occurred at optimal V = 0.63 m/s and a minimum at V = 0.43 m/s. Increasing air velocity (V) < 0.93 m, the heat transfer characteristics of the accelerated namely; Re rose 45.11%, Nu rose 67.13%, h rose 68.30% and the rate of convection heat transfer qkonv on air velocity (V) = 0.64 m/s rose 9.89%.
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