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Judul: Kualitas Kimia Airtanah di Kota Piru Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat
Penulis: J.P. Haumahu  || email:
Jurnal: Budidaya Pertanian Vol. 7 no. 2 - hal. 72-78 Tahun 2011  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Land characteristics, water chemistry, groundwater quality, drink water.
Abstract: Water is part of land resources which is very important for human life. Water in the world consists of surfacewater and groundwater. The potential and quality of water in one area depends on the land characteristics, like climate, soil, topography, parent material, land cover, and human. The aim of this research was to know the groundwater quality and availability to fulfill the need of living things. Method used in the study was by flexible approach and laboratory analysis was done to know about the dissolved elements in the groundwater. The results of researches showed that the amount of free belowground water was 25.02 _ 106 m3.year-1, and an amount of free belowground water in semi under pressure was 42,446.44 m3.days-1 or 15,492 * 106 m3.year-1. Quality of groundwater in many areas was suitable for drink water, but in some locations contains high dissolve Fe (SG-13). Total amount of water in study area (free and semiunderpressure belowground water) was 40,512 * 106 m3.years-1 or 40,512 _ 106 l.years-1.
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