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Judul: Peran Gender Pada Rumah Tangga Di Desa Liang Kabupaten Maluku Tengah
Penulis: Risyart Alberth Far Far  || email:
Jurnal: Agrilan Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 13-28 Tahun 2012  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Gender, household
Abstract: This research aims to analyze the role of gender that is reflected in work distribution between men and women that is happened in the household at Liang village. The methodology being used in this research is survey and about the sample is the purposive Sampling. The population of the research is 1.482 households. The amount of samples are 30 households represented by husband and wife. The result of the research shows that patriarchal construction has possessed women in domestic sectors and caused women more active in reproduction activity. Both men and women has the same level in work distribution in productive sector with various time according to the profession of respondent of this research. This thing has caused women expend more time than man and it makes them have less activity access and control in social activity than men done. The conclution of this research can be described that different of gender lead to socialized image of the position, nature and the acceptance of womens lives and the subsequent manifestation of gender inequality is a process of taming the role of women. So that women themselves also assume that the position and the conditions that exist now as something normal and natural.
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