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Judul: Peranan Bank Indonesia dalam Pengembangan Ekonomi Daerah
Penulis: Asmaria Latuconsina  || email:
Jurnal: Cita Ekonomika Vol. 8 no. 1 - hal. 1-5 Tahun 2014  [ Ekonomi dan Bisnis ]
Keywords:  Banking, Savings, Inflation, Economic Growth
Abstract: This paper aims to obseve the existance of Indonesian Bank (BI) is impotant and necessary needed to create, protect and maintainance efectiveness of monetary policy, inflation rate control, efficiency and secure payment system policy, intermediation banking funds, to management of currency in money circulation is influenced by local condition. The development bank financial institution and public attitude toward saving activities grew significantly with the development of demand deposits, time deposits,and foreign currency as well as regular savings. The role of banking institutions as a financial intermediary to make Maluku as a growing region.
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