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Judul: Determinan Distribusi Beras di Provinsi Maluku 2005 - 2013
Penulis: Vera Paulin Kay  || email:
Jurnal: Cita Ekonomika Vol. 8 no. 1 - hal. 42-49 Tahun 2014  [ Ekonomi dan Bisnis ]
Keywords:  Rice distribution, price, inflation rate
Abstract: This research is a build up to describing determinant variables that affecting rice distribution in Maluku Province. Research takes place in Maluku Province with time periods 2005 till 2013. Independent variable that used in this paper is price of rice, inflation rate and population. The result of this research shows that all of the variable that used in this research significantly affecting the rice distribution with positive signs which means that if price of rice is raising so the rice distribution will increase in number. The models that build in this research is very good because the variable include the model affecting 89 percent, the rest is out of the model.
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