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Judul: Efek Penggunaan Lahan Terhadap Kerusakan Tanah Akibat Erosi di Kecamatan Kairatu Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat Provinsi Maluku
Penulis: S.M. Talakua  || email:
Jurnal: Budidaya Pertanian Vol. 5 no. 1 - hal. 27-34 Tahun 2009  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Soil degradation, erosion, land use
Abstract: Research has been held in November 2006 till June 2007 on different land use i.e. primary forest, secondary forest, mixed plantation, dry land cultivation, shrub and settlement, on 54 observing points with 9 replications in the district of Kairatu West Seram Regency Mollucas Province. Measurement of soil degradation due to erosion using the method of soil degradation indicators in the field was as described by Stocking and Murnaghan (2000). Results showed that the land use had highly significant effect on soil degradation due to erosion. The intensity of the soil degradation from the lightest to the greatest as follow: primary forest, secondary forest, mixed plantation, shrub, settlement and dry land cultivation.
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