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Judul: Penyelidikan Geokimia Panas Bumi Daerah Hatuasa-Tulehu, Pulau Ambon Berdasarkan Rumus Empiris Geotermometer
Penulis: Helda Andayany & Asry Neilannya Latupeirissa  || email:
Jurnal: Logika Vol. 11 no. 1 - hal. 1-6 Tahun 2013  [ IPTEK ]
Keywords:  Geochemistry, geothermometer equation, upflow, water heated reservoir.
Abstract: Geochemistry method employed in the research, based on developed empirical geothermometer equation which involves chemical elements, was obtained from the result of chemical analysis of hot water sample with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer method (AAS-NYALA). The result of chemical analysis of Hatuasa hot water sample, which are in the forms of concentration of Na, K, Calcium, Magnesium, and SiO2 are then inserted into the best assumed geothermometry formulas to be applied in Hatuasa. The result of measurement indicated that Hatuasa geothermal tipe is a geothermal tipe with high temperature, i.e.: (272 - 277)oC that is potential for a geothermal field. The hot flow character in Hatuasa geothermal tipe is water flow into the upper reservoir (upflow) and belongs to hot water domination reservoir tipe (water heated reservoir).
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