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Judul: Perilaku Pemijahan Teripang Pasir (Holothuria scabra) Berdasarkan Faktor Lingkungan (Suhu) di Desa Ohoi Letman Kecamatan Kei Kecil Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara
Penulis: Adolof S. Narayaman  || email:
Jurnal: Biopendix Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 77-82 Tahun 2014  [ KIP ]
Keywords:  Behavior spawning, sand sea cucumbers, environmental factors (temperature)
Abstract: Background: Sand Sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) is one export commodity of the fisheries sector which has decreased the production and conservation of sea cucumbers dayanya.Pemijahan source as a first step in the provision of seed cultivation which has been successfully carried out naturally, but still very low spawning frequency. To that end, spawning sea cucumbers by environmental factors (temperature) can be done by manipulation of the environment or temperature shock. Methods: Treatment parent trepang selected and sampled at 8 tails and have a behavior that is always active. Parent sea cucumber is then selected based on the length and weight of sea cucumbers. Parent sea cucumbers that have been selected to be included in the basket, amounting to 2 fruit basket. Each basket filled 4 tail sea cucumber and hanged / dried 5-10 cm below the surface of the sea water inside the pan. Furthermore, the process is done with cleaning spawning in sea cucumbers using clean sea water, fill the tub with sea water which is filtered using a filter with a capacity of 120 liters tub, sea cucumbers input into the tub and environmental manipulation process is done by increasing the temperature of the water with a temperature of 1-20 oC from the initial temperature Results: The behavior displayed by the sea cucumber spawning during spawning by environmental factors (temperature) by raising the temperature (boiling) water sea or temperature shock. So at the initial temperature of 27 oC sea cucumbers behavior looks very active. Then, with an interval of +- 30 minutes the temperature increased to 28 oC, reflecting the behavior shown that sea cucumber body elongation process, so it looks different from the previous sea cucumbers. Temperature 28 oC, a temperature pemijahan. Setelah preparatory phase was raised to 29 oC, sea cucumbers do a perfect spawning, males release sperm that sea cucumbers and after an interval of 10 minutes trepang females release eggs. Conclusion: Parent spawning males do with the way the body resting on the back (posterior), the parent trepang high lift his head or the body of the front (anterior) which looks a bulge which then secrete sperm that looks like white smoke in the water. With an interval of 10 minutes seen a female parent with the same temperature and the same way of spawning female parent is release an egg.
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