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Judul: Model Penataan Ruang Laut Daerah Berdasarkan Integrated Coastal Management Sebagai Acuan Penyusunan Penataan Ruang Laut Pada Wilayah Kepulauan
Penulis: Sherlock H. Lekipiouw  || email:
Jurnal: SASI Vol. 16 no. 4 - hal. 7-15 Tahun 2010  [ Hukum ]
Keywords:  Marine Spatial Planning, Integrated, Islands Region
Abstract: Marine spatial planning in the islands must be placed in the system of spatial planning policies. Act Number 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning, in fact, have not answered a variety of issues related to marine spatial planning, as it still must be regulated by a separate law (Article 6 paragraph (5)). Such arrangements have an impact on marine spatial planning efforts for local authority boundaries associated with the management of marine areas in the region as stipulated in Act Number 32 of 2004. Marine spatial planning for the region, especially on the islands should be based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) emphasis on the division of an area or regional authority. With this principle is expected to reduce conflicts of norms and conflict of authority by means of integration and synchronization. With clarity and firmness in setting the boundaries of sea areas can minimize potential conflicts of space utilization in the sea area as a consequence of the spread of the islands.
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