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Judul: Metathesis of Ethyloleate
Penulis: Nawwar Hanun A. Malek, Nor Wahidah Awang, Kitohiro Nomura & Bohari M. Yamin  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding FMIPA 2015 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 35-40 Tahun 2015  [ MIPA ]
Keywords:  Metathesis, ethyl oleate, Grubbs 2nd generation.
Abstract: The discovery of less air sensitive catalysts and more tolerance towards functional groups has widen the scope of metathesis reaction as a tool to synthesize many organic compounds and polymers. In Asia the market trend of using liquid detergents based on plant fatty acid is increasing compare to animal fatty acids in Europe. Lubricant is also another example of the potential of plant based fatty acid applications. The metathesis of methyl ester as model study is the right approach to begin with before embarking into the bulk oil that contains various components of fatty acids. In this presentation the focus will be on the preliminary study of self and cross metathesis of ethyloleate with some chalcogens looking into diversification of products based on vegetable or plant oils.
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