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Judul: Analisis Parameter Oseanografi Hubungannya Dengan Hasil Tangkapan Ikan Tuna Sirip Kuning Di Perairan Maluku Utara
Penulis: Umar Tangke, John W. Ch. Karuwal, Achmar Mallawa, Mukti Zainuddin  || email:
Jurnal: Amanisal Vol. 5 no. 1 - hal. 1-9 Tahun 2016  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  North Molucas, ikan tuna sirip kuning, Halmahera sea waters
Abstract: Sea Surface Temperature, current sea and chlorophyll-a are some oceanography parameters that affects the existence of tuna in sea water column. Estimation of those parameters could explain the existence of the potential fish in a sea waters and can be mapped to help fishing operations. In southern of North Molucas waters all of those parameter is assumed possibly formed and it is potential to conduct fishing activities. Research that was done in February to June 2015 in Halmahera sea waters of North Molucas the province with aim to find oceanography parameter that affects to ikan tuna sirip kuning fish distribution. By using experimental fishing method, linear multiple regression analysis and polynomial regression method is expected to define the relationship between oceanography parameter and ikan tuna sirip kuning catched. The results showing that all of oceanography parameters were measured has real influenced to ikan tuna sirip kuning catched with value f is 54.487 and significance value is 0.000. By individually test shown that only chlorophyll-a more affect to the ikan tuna sirip kuning catched. Furthermore were obtained that increasing of chlorophyll-a is directly proportional with ikan tuna sirip kuning catched.
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