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Judul: Profil Kondisi Oseanografi Daerah Penangkapan (Pasi) Ikan Kakap Merah Sub Famili Etelinae Di Kepulauan Lease
Penulis: Delly D. P. Matrutty  || email:
Jurnal: Amanisal Vol. 5 no. 1 - hal. 10-17 Tahun 2016  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Fishing ground, oseanography profile, red snapper, Lease Islands
Abstract: The fishing ground is characterized by oceanographically condition at the waters. The difference between characteristic depend on geographical area, depth and topography of seafloor. These differences could have an impact on diversity of resources in a region. Pasi is a specific location which is known as fishing ground area (FGA) of the red snapper (sub famili Etelinae) or Bae fish by fishers in Lease islands, Central Maluku. Pasi distribution in the area of Central Maluku is waters region of Haruku, Saparua, and Nusalaut islands, bay, strait and open seas. As a potential fishing ground area of deep sea red snapper, it is interesting to study pasi not only for potency of fish resources but also for studying oceanography condition of a region. Therefore, the oceanography condition is important to optimize utilization and management of the resources. The aim of the research was to make a profile and to map oceanography condition in each pasi area. The results showed that the average temperature at the bottom of pasi area with 90m depth ranged from 25.11- 26,94 oC, salinity 34,19-34,29 psu, chlorophyll 0,23-0,35 mg/m 10 -3 turbidity 0,46-0,64 NTU, and current speed 17,13-36,98 cm/sec. The differences were due to differences in depth, located of the pasi area, changed of seafloor contour, tide and circulation of surrounding waters mass. Oceanography profile condition and waters dynamics explained pasi as a specific fishing ground of the red snapper in Lease islands.
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