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Judul: Analisis Kelayakan Finansial Teknologi Peningkatan Produktivitas Sawah Irigasi di Kabupaten Buru
Penulis: I. Hidayah  || email:
Jurnal: Budidaya Pertanian Vol. 6 no. 1 - hal. 39-44 Tahun 2010  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Financial analysis, productivity, cropping pattern, irrigation land
Abstract: Research on analysis of financial feasibility of technology in improving productivity of irrigated land in Buru District has been done. The purpose of this research was to calculate the level of financial feasibility of each cropping pattern either farmer cropping pattern and also introduced cropping pattern. The participatory rural understanding method was applied to two groups of farmers: cooperator and non-* cropping pattern and introduced cropping pattern were feasible financially to apply, however introduced cropping * -rice-no crop of * introduced cropping pattern rice-rice-soybean of 1.61 with the benefit Rp 8.921.675, rice-rice-green bean of 1.53 with the benefit Rp 7.961.675, rice-soybean-soybean: 1.57 with the benefit Rp 9.389.175, rice-soybean-green bean of 1.50 with the benefit Rp 8.429.175, rice-green bean * green bean of 1.46 with the benefit Rp 8.000.675. Analysis marginal B/C ratio for all of the cropping patterns was > 1, means that changing of cropping pattern by farmers based on introduced cropping pattern was feasible financially because each introduced cropping pattern gave more income compared to additional input used, due to changing into introduced cropping pattern with the MBCR value of rice-rice-soybean of 1.63, rice-rice-green bean of 1.42, ricesoybean- soybean: 1.53, rice-soybean-green bean of 1.38, rice-green bean-green bean of 1.31. Model of introduced cropping pattern rice-rice-soybean financially was the cropping pattern which gave the highest benefits.
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