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Judul: Interpretation of Geothermal Reservoir Temperature In The Nalahia Nusalaut, Central Of Moluccas
Penulis: Helda Andayany  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding FMIPA 2016 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 91-96 Tahun 2016  [ Prosiding ]
Keywords:  Geothermal, upflow , water heated reservoir, reservoir temperature.
Abstract: This study interprets of geothermal systems in Nalahia Nusalaut areas by monitoring the temperature of hot water, pH and electrical conductivity at the surface to determine the characteristics of the geothermal surface manifestations. In addition, to determine the characteristics of the geothermal fluid in the reservoir as the nature of heat flow and temperature of geothermal reservoir in Nalahia Nusalaut area. The study also will estimate the heat loss (heat loss) shown by geothermal manifestations in the study area to identify opportunities utilization of geothermal energy potential in the region Nalahia Nusalaut, Central of Moluccas. The method proposed in this research is descriptive analysis method. This method includes: (1) the primary data collection in the areas of research, such as: measurement of temperature, pH, electrical conductivity measured on the surface at each measurement point by monitoring for 1 x 24 hours; (2) data processing surface temperature, pH and electrical conductivity to determine the characteristics of Nalahia Nusalaut hot springs (including alteration of rocks) and the characteristics of the geothermal fluid in the reservoir. The results of the measurement of surface temperatures, pH, electrical conductivity, and the debit flow in Nalahia Nusalaut area, respectively (77-81)°C, 7.8, (0,1654- 1.7383) μS/m, and (6.73 to 9.76) L/min. This suggests that the nature of heat flow on the type of geothermal Nalahia Nusalaut is the flow of water to the upper reservoir (upflow) and is a type of domination reservoir of hot water (water heated reservoir). Furthermore, the type of geothermal area in Nalahia Nusalaut is a type of high-temperature, namely 225°C, thereby potentially as geothermal field. These conditions give rise utilization of geothermal energy in the Nalahia Nusalaut area, Central of Moluccas as an alternative energy-fired power plant in Central of Moluccas.
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