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Judul: Volume And Production of Bee Propolis On Various Media Trigona Spp Natural Nest In The Village Waesamu Kairatu West District District West Seram
Penulis: Debby Dijola Moniharapon, Jacobus S. A. Lamerkabel & Thresya S. Kwalomine  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding FMIPA 2016 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 179-186 Tahun 2016  [ Prosiding ]
Keywords:  Propolis, Trigona spp, Media Nest Natural.
Abstract: Trigona spp is a stingless bee honey that produces propolis (adhesive), bee wax (beeswax), bee bread and honey. Trigona spp inserted into Melliponidae family. This research aims to determine the volume and the amount of production propolis of stingless bee (Trigona spp) on a variety of media natural nests and to find out the volume of media natural nests of stingless bee (Trigona spp). In this research the methods used are: interviews, surveys and descriptive. Sampling directly at the research site of natural nests dismantled are done randomly. Samples taken in the form of propolis. Methods of data collection taken from the observed variables are presented in the form of descriptive narrative in the form of tables, pictures and descriptions. Data analysis technique used was a completely randomized design. The results showed that the total production of propolis increases with the increase in the volume of natural nests of various media. The total volume of natural nests media nako glass frame is 1756.6 cm3 with total production of propolis on average 54 g. The total volume of natural bamboo nest media 5619.9 cm3 with total production of propolis average 74 g. Similarly, the trunk has a total media volume 81310.8 cm3 nest with total production of propolis on average 435.3 g. As for the crack media houses have media types natural nests studied natural nests media nako glass frame (the size of the smallest volume), media natural bamboo nest, natural nest media trunk (largest volume size) and natural nests media crack in the door of the house.
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