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Judul: Stability Evaluation of Sea Wall Construction at Erie Vilage Location Nusaniwe District Amboina City
Penulis: Josep Christina & Miegsjeglorie V. Putuhena  || email:
Jurnal: Teknologi Vol. 6 no. 2 - hal. 640 - 649 Tahun 2009  [ Teknik ]
Keywords:  Coastal, sea wall, Stability
Abstract: Erie coastal at the outside in Amboina Bay is one location the frequent find the stroyer by sea wave, pattern are parallel the beach from course the Northwest. Condition from location to come to broken the toe from sea wall construction, because needed one evaluation this research should have been stability evaluation from sea wall construction with observation method and then have been analysisi the wind data, tidal data, wave data, stress of active and passive land, move control and dutch, land capacity support, immediate settlement and sondir data from location. The result that obtain by results i.e the current speed are 13,16 cm/sec; MSL are 0,9 m; HWL are 2,44 m; LWL are 0,1 m; Hb are 1,45 m; Lb are 0,78 m; Cb are 3,625 m; Db are 1,339 m. The reality at location the sea wall foundation no foundat the one definite, but only in the land, sea wall dimention secure from move (F move = 1,86 > 1,5); but not secure from dutch ( F dutch = 0,97 < 1,5); land capacitys support (τmax = 35,13 T/m2 > τi land = 20 T/m2); (τmin = - 18,119 T/m2 < 0). The deep foundation are 1,5 m based on the drill in area. The recontruction from dimention and design from sea wall is secure from dutch (SF = 3,02 > 1,5); move (SF = 3,08 > 1,5) and land capacity support are (34,5 > 3).
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