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Judul: The Use of VCD As Teaching Aids To Senior High School Students' Listening Comprehension
Penulis: Feky Talahaturuson  || email:
Jurnal: Tahuri Vol. 13 no. 1 - hal. 31-43 Tahun 2016  [ KIP ]
Keywords:  VCD, teaching aids, senior high school students, listening comprehension
Abstract: Listening is very important in English learning. It is the ability to identify and understand what others are saying. This ability involves understanding a speaker accent, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and meaning. Listening can not learned only from the teacher’s voice. It should however be more helpful and valuable if Medias are used. Media video (VCD AND TV) can be used in teaching listening. In audio visual media students are not only listening to what the speakers are talking about but they are also seeing where the conversation takes place. In using video as a media for teaching listening, there are some steps which are also very common in foreign language teaching that the teacher have to follows. These steps are pre- listening / pre viewing, while listening / viewing and post listening/post viewing. Each step has its own task for the students to do. Pre viewing activities is aimed for building the students’ vocabulary and prior knowledge relate with the topic given, while viewing activity is aimed for students to identify the details, the sequence and the language used in each sequence. The post activity is aimed for reinforcement in which student learn to use the language they hear for communication purpose.
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