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Judul: Eksperimen Pengaruh Beban Panas Terhadap Karakteristik Perpindahan Panas Oven Pengering Cengkih
Penulis: Nicolas Titahelu  || email:
Jurnal: Teknologi Vol. 7 no. 1 - hal. 744 - 750 Tahun 2010  [ Teknik ]
Keywords:  Heat load, Clove drying oven, Natural convection, Rayleigh numbers, Nusselt numbers, and Coefficient convection
Abstract: Investigate effect of heat load (Q*) for free convection heat transfer and applied to design clove drying oven to the answer peoples needs used traditional clove drying oven. Innovative model clove drying oven should be modified with reduction air temperature where upper and bottom wall will be opened so that Nusselt number (Nu) enhanced with heat generation from heater i.e. 600 W. An experimental investigation is made of the interaction between heat load (Q*) = 400 to 600 W range and room temperature (Tro) = 40 Celsius degree constant, to observe free convection heat transfer characteristic clove drying oven. Experimental investigation result show enlargement of heat load (Q*) given heat transfer rate of heater increasing with gradient upward 55.22 percentages significant and maximum at head load (Q*) = 550 W i.e. 888.09 W with 97.44 percentage heat transfer by air and clove drying for 8 hours. Increased with enlargement heat load (Q*) < 550 W rises gradient significant heat transfer characteristic of Ra, Nu, h, qud and qp i.e. 7.73, 9.25, 9.17, 68.01 and 54.33 percentage, respectively.
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