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Judul: Peran Wanita Pengolah Sagu Dalam Menunjang Kehidupan Rumahtangga (Studi Kasus Pada Industri Rumahtangga Pangan (IRTP) Sagu di Kecamatan Saparua Kabupaten Maluku Tengah)
Penulis: N.R. Timisela & E. Kembauw  || email:
Jurnal: Budidaya Pertanian Vol. 4 no. 1 - hal. 45-53 Tahun 2008  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Food's home industry of sago, time allocation, womans role
Abstract: The activity outside of the agricultural sector could be a strategy to support the sustainable household livelihood strategy, because this creates job opportunity, stimulates rural economic growth, and reduces labor migration from the rural areas. One example of non-farm activity is food's home industry. This home industry is very important to absorb unemployment in the agricultural sector and accelerate the rural economic growth. That is the reason that the government maintains the development programs of small industry and home industry in the rural areas. The objective of this research was to recognize the involvement of woman in sago home industry and their time allocation related to the woman activity in sago home industry. Woman's role to earn income for their family in sago home industry as traditional means needs to be developed, in order to raise some added values to the products and sustainability of household livelihood in rural areas.
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