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Judul: Karakteristik Patogenitas Vibrio sp. Diisolasi dari Lendir Sidat (Anguilla sp.)
Penulis: Meigy Nelce Mailoa & Beni Setha  || email:
Jurnal: Molucca Medica Vol. 4 no. 1 - hal. 42-48 Tahun 2011  [ Kedokteran ]
Keywords:  Eel,Vibrio, Patogenisity
Abstract: Study on the patogenisity characteristic of Vibrio sp. isolated from Eel (Anguilla sp.) skin mucus. The research aimed to know the occurance of Vibrio sp. associated with fish mucus of eel, moreover the isolated strains were identified. The research method used is an explorative method. Eel samples were collected from Tanawangko region of Tambala river and Agogo one. All samples were placed into steril plastic bags and kept in cool box during transfer to Laboratory. The fish mucus of eel were collected from a life eel skin.This was used for further microbiological analysis as well as isolation Vibrio (TV), Biochemical test and Patogenisity test. While isolation of Vibrio was done by preenrichment in Alkaline Pepton Water (APW) followed by streaking on TCBS Agar and the free forming colony was selected using sterile Ose and it was grown on slant agar of Nutrient Agar (NA) as a stock culture. Several biochemical tests sush as Gram-staining, Carbohydrate fermentation,(Methyl Red - Voges Proskauer) MR-VP, Citrate utilization, Catalase, Motility, Indole were conducted to identify the isolates. Moreover to know the patogenity of selected isolate strain,several test such as agglutinase, haemolysing test and test kanagawa were done. From 60 isolates strains there were species of Vibrio were identified. They are Vibrio sp (45,0%) V. alginolitycus (23,3%) V. cholerae (21,7%) V. parahaemolitycus (6,7%), and V. vulnificus ( 3,3%), respectively. Patogenisity test show various result, where -hemolisis obtained on V. alginolitycus (Lr7.b1), and -hemolisis on V. parahaemolitycus (Lr10.a1),while agglutinase test positive reaction obtained on V. alginolitycus (Lr7.b1), and V. parahaemolitycus (Lr10.a1), but negative agglutinase was show by V. cholerae.
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