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Judul: Efek Pemberian Ekstrak Metanol Kulit Batang Pohon pulai (Alstonia Scholaris L. R. Br.) Terhadap Hasil Diferensiasi Leukosit Mencit (Mus Musculus) yang Diinfeksi Plasmodium Berghei Anka
Penulis: Lesty H. M. Sumah, Maria Nindatu & Pieter Kakisina  || email:
Jurnal: Molucca Medica Vol. 5 no. 1 - hal. 39-53 Tahun 2012  [ Kedokteran ]
Keywords:  pulai (Alstonia scholaris L. R. Br), immunomodulator, differentiation of leukocyte.
Abstract: Pulai (Alstonia scholaris L. R. Br) is one of thetraditional medical plantsthat containnatural unmalariacompounds thought to working as immunomodulator to controlling function for immune system by differentiation process to forming neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte. Mice weighing 20-30 grams infected P. berghei as many a s0.1ml for every mice and allowed toreach1-5% parasites and then mice (Mus musculus) were given the methanolextract pulai's husk bark (A. scholaris L. R. Br) withdoses of 1, 10, 100, and 200mg/ kg mice weight for 4 days with 6 days observations. Afterthat makes a observation and calculation the types of leukocyte in the preparation of thin blood smear with Giemsa's colouring. The research result showed methanol extract pulai's husk bark (A. scholaris L. R. Br) is significantly effect to result of leukocytes differentiation from mice was infected by P. berghei ANKA (P>0.05) that the improving of amount of neutrophil and monocyte as well the degradation of eosinophil and lymphocyte's count until almost normally. The effect from 200mg/kg doses of methano lextractthe pulai's husk bark (A. scholarisL. R. Br) is the most almost normally dose.
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