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Judul: Proses Pengambilan Keputusan Konsumen Dalam Pembelian Sayuran Segar Studi Kasus Hypermart-Ambon City Center Kota Ambon
Penulis: Meina Utami Setiabudi, Weldemina B. Parera & Risyart A. Far-Far  || email:
Jurnal: Agrilan Vol. 1 no. 4 - hal. 25-40 Tahun 2013  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Decision Making, Fresh Vegetables, Hypermart - Ambon City Center
Abstract: Hypermart-ACC is one of the modern market in Ambon which selling agricultultural products such as fresh vegetables and has varieties of vegetables available. The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of fresh vegetable consumers and to find out the consumer decision process in purchasing fresh vegetables in the Hypermart_ACC. Samples were selected using judgment sampling method as many as 100 respondents. The results showed that the characteristics of consumers who buy fresh vegetables at Hypermart ACC are generally 25-35 years old, female, having married status, Senior High School Educational Level, having a job as a civil servant, having average income level per month between > Rp.2.5 million-Rp.5 million with the number of family members between 1-4 people. Consumer decision process in purchasing fresh vegetables at Hypermart ACC consists of five stages: necessity recognition stage, finding information stage, alternative evaluation stage including consumer attitude towards imported fresh vegetables which is higher (132.63) than fresh local vegetables (128.73), purchasing decision stage and post purchasing attitude stage.
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