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Judul: Pergeseran Pelaksanaan Sasi (Studi Kasus Sasi Damar) Di Desa Rambatu Kecamatan Inamosol Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat
Penulis: Novita Ngamelubun, Jeter. D. Siwalette & Juanita. F. Sopamena  || email:
Jurnal: Agrilan Vol. 1 no. 4 - hal. 72-82 Tahun 2013  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Sasi, Resin, Sasi shifting, West Seram
Abstract: Sasi for resin tree is a ban imposed on resin tree at a certain period with the aim of taking tree sap (gopal) for the needs of the owner of the tree. It is not known exactly when and how resin sasi was applied in the Rambatu village. The objective of this study was to find out the time and the shift process of resin in the village. Research method was qualitative by selecting 35 people purposively. Data was analyzed by using qualitative approach that is data reduction, data display, data conclusion. The results of research showed that resin sasi shifted from ecological and cultural to the political and administrative, and economic aspects.
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