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Judul: Group Investigation Method on Students Speaking Ability
Penulis: Sophia Binnendyk  || email:
Jurnal: Jendela Pengetahuan Vol. 7 no. 17 - hal. 94-106 Tahun 2014  [ KIP ]
Keywords:  Group Investigation Method, speaking, interaction.
Abstract: Group Investigation Method (GI) is a kind of teaching method, that more focuses on interaction between group learning in this case is students in completing their tasks during teaching and learning process.Atmosphere learning in the classroom should be changed by the teacher in using some kind method and strategy in order to encourage the students to involve in his/her teaching .GI is collaborative model classroom instructional and school learning that integrates interaction and communication in classroom with process of academy inquiry In Group Investigation students explore their ideas, clarify them for themselves and one to another, expand and modify them, and finally make them their own. In group Investigation the students are called on to use all their interpesonal and study skills and apply them to the planning of specific learning goals. They take an active part in examining, experiencing and understanding their study topic. The Students' opportunities to learn by asking questions, to obtain information relevant to these questions and interpret this information and their experience are maximised in Group Investigation.
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