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Judul: The Biodiversity and Ecology on the Buru Island; Important Value of Conservation and Environmentally Management
Penulis: Keliopas Krey, Neville Kemp, Charlie Heatubun, Sepus Fatem, Tri Tri Setyadi & Hendrik Burwos  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding PERMAMA 2012 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 147-160 Tahun 2012  [ Prosiding ]
Keywords:  Buru Island, diversity species and ecosystem
Abstract: The pattern of biodiversity can potentially be affected by geology, geography and topography of an area. Understanding diversity of species and their ecosystem are very important for environment balance assessment. Therefore we need a baseline study for each taxa like plants, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. Of course complex interactions are taking place simultaneously between and within ecosystems with the landscape. The maintenance of species, ecosystems and ecological services within an area (such as Buru Island) must, therefore, take into account the supporting interactions with adjacent areas, and endeavor to maintain these processes. Surveys in Buru were surveyed extensively on January 2012. There are approximately 161 morph species of plant was recorded (including 112 genera from 57 families), 75 species of birds, 4 frogs, 11 lizards and 3 snakes also found in this study. Of the 28 species of mammals that are known to occur on Buru, 16 were positively identified in the study. Plant and animals found in Buru Island consist of many endemic species. Also there are protected species under Indonesian law, and species threatened listed under CITES protocol. All species of animals may use a variety of habitats at different stages in their life cycles. This use may be seasonal or occasional in times of 'stress' such as extreme weather, and are therefore essential for the survival of the population.
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