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Judul: Diversification Pattern Consume of Local Food in Subdistrict Kairatu West Seram
Penulis: Lydia M. Ivakdalam & Risyart A. Far Far  || email:
Jurnal: Prosiding PERMAMA 2012 Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 223-230 Tahun 2012  [ Prosiding ]
Keywords:  Diversification, local food
Abstract: One the strategy Overcome the problem of food resilience susceptance base on rice consumption to lessen rice (paddy rice field) at the same time conduct acceleration and diversification revitalization food base on culture and resources of local in Indonesia. This research aim to to know the pattern of local food consume Subdistrict of Kairatu. This research aim to to know the pattern of local consume food in District of Kairatu. Election of Subdistrict of Kairatu as research area Caused by this area have food farm potency of local as well as wide area producer of rice in the province of Moluccas and Horrible Part of West. Resilience food size measure can know from Number Sufficiency of Nutrition (RDA) and Pattern Food Expectation. Result of research at countrysides Subdistrict Number of Kairatu indicate that sufficiency of nutrient value below the national mean (2200 calorie per capita per day) and food pattern score expectation reside at unfavorable category of ideal score (100) expectation food pattern. Pursuant to result of the research can be concluded that change of food pattern Quickly gain strength and where society start to leave of local food though potency of resources of local food is still wide of copious.
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