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Judul: Pengelolaan Raskin (Suatu Tujuan Terhadap Kineja Birokrasi)
Penulis: Ferry Wattimury  || email:
Jurnal: Tanoar Vol. 5 no. 2 - hal. 40-45 Tahun 2007  [ LPM ]
Keywords:  Performance Bureaucracy.
Abstract: Raskin is a governmental progam with aim to to assist impecunious family in fulfilling requirement of rice for impecunious family which these days exactly him progressively mount in Indonesia. However when program of Raskin e,xecuted, organizer of Raskin progam alone namely goyernance bureaucracy still not yet showed the him of to effort eliminate of pooverties. Considered of Impecunious family of society residing at stage life c f low society and not get attention, on the other hand governmental bureaucracy apareat exactly have paradigm as powers which exactly have to serve.
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