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Judul: Peranan Wanita Terhadap Status Gizi Balita Pasca Konflik di Desa Passo Kecamatan Baguala Kota Ambon
Penulis: Sintje Liline, Johanis Rehena & Prelly Tuapattinaya  || email:
Jurnal: Tanoar Vol. 5 no. 2 - hal. 46-51 Tahun 2007  [ LPM ]
Keywords:  The role woman, Child of under five years
Abstract: Children under five years old are members of families who need special attention, from parents (women/mothers) because in this age a child is still depending on the physical and emotional to adults, children under five years has not been independent in meeting the needs eat. Therefore Feed feed children under five years is almost entirely dependent on adults who educate him growth means children under five years is it influenced the quality of food, eat while quality is highly dependent on the pattern of foster children who eat family applied Encoding for processing obtained from the results of body weight Children weighing under five years five, age, eating patterns and maternal nurture. Method used in this research is a method with Observation Cross sectional design to determine the role of women (mothers nurture) and nutritional status. Processing and analysis of collection processed with the 7th-Score values and descriptive statistics. Results of research have shown that the role of women/mothers vf the nutritional status of under five years in the Village of Passo, this is seen from the low status of malnutrition in the region. The role of women/mothers is related to the education of mothers, employment and adequate income, as well as feeding patterns, breastfeeding, food assistants,, fruit, , food family, _ fine food, soft patterns and maintenance of the books in accordance with the provisions of the WHO. Under five years old who have the status of malnutrition in the village of Passo 6 under five years old and 44 five good nutrition.
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