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Judul: Evaluasi Keterampilan Mengajar Guru IPA-Fisika Dalam Kegiatan Peningkatan Profesionalisme dan Kualitas Pembelajaran
Penulis: Izaak H. Wenno  || email:
Jurnal: Logika Vol. 9 no. 1 - hal. 1-10 Tahun 2011  [ IPTEK ]
Keywords:  Evaluation, skilled teachs and profesionalisme
Abstract: Impact of study repair that is successfully developed by teacher indirectly will affect at improvement of quality of education macroly. In this context study pointed to evaluation of implementation of interest teacher in class. Intention of evaluation teach teacher is to know keterampilan/kompetensi teacher professional IPA-Physical in implementation of study in class, and identifies difficulty met by teacher in process of learning teach IPA-Physical in class. Method applied in research of this evaluation is evaluation method of program with instrument having directive at format IPKG 1 and IPKG 2. Result obtained able to be categorized level of its(the professionalism either, where average of formulation of purpose of study of 24,59 % and other ranged from 17,10% - 23,42 %. While ability is learning in executing study also is categorized either, where average of interest developed 78,43 % and other ranged from 10,36% - 11,21%. But there are also difficulty faced by teacher, namely explains indicator ladder is not sorted from simple interest to complex interest, doesn't entangle student in making activity and/or exploiting of source of belajar/media study, doesn't trigger and looks after involvement of student in opening opportunity for group discussion.
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