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Judul: Desain Struktur Pengelolaan Daerah Tangkapan Air Dalam Keberlanjutan Sumberdaya Air di DAS Wai Ruhu
Penulis: Jusmy D. Putuhena  || email:
Jurnal: Logika Vol. 9 no. 1 - hal. 11-20 Tahun 2011  [ IPTEK ]
Keywords:  Catchment Area, Sustainability of Water Resources
Abstract: Catchment Area Management is a step that must be implemented the sustainability of water resources due to the current condition of catchment Are as in the upper waters shed are many who have converted to other uses of the main functions as an upstream waters shed catchment areas. The purpose of writing this paper is (a) Determining alternative the management of catchment are as, (b) Analysis of the sustain ability of watershed management, (c) design of watershed management structures. Methods for simulation used in this paper is method: Win. Exys, and ISM. The conclusion that can appeal are: (1) Analysis of catchment management continuity with the application of expert system indicates the possibility of reforestation activities made possible and is able to support water resource sustainability; (2) Design of catchment management structures to(a) Elements of Change obtained sub element possible that key physical condition sup stream, policy implementation and awareness of irrigation farmers to play an active role, (b) Elements of activities required in planning work that is obtained sub element key technical explanation of water resources regulation and improve information and communication farming, (c) Elements related institution that is key sub element acquired Farmers Group, Institute for Micro Entrepreneur and Non-Governmental Organizations.
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