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Judul: Reaksi Investor Terhadap Pengumuman Kenaikan dan Penurunan Dividen di Bursa Efek Indonesia
Penulis: Maria Josefa F. Esomar  || email:
Jurnal: Soso-Q Vol. 2 no. 2 - hal. 6-36 Tahun 2010  [ Ekonomi dan Bisnis ]
Keywords:  Dividen, Prospect Theory
Abstract: A financial statement becomes one of influential instruments to assess a finance achievement in bussiness. One of the statements that can be used by an investor that is the information of dividen announcement. The policy of deviden is regarded as an important policy and should be taken into consideration by the management because the policy will involve share holders with their devidens and the interests of a company with its profit. The announcement on the changing of deviden payment holds information which is can be used by the investors to make a decision on investing and forecasting the presumption of the company in the future. Explicilty, the changed on deviden gives a signal of the porfit in the future which is informed by the management to the company and share holders. A test has carried out to estimate a deviden data over the past five years and the result of it shows that the investors will response toward the deviden announcement from a company but the responses would not be different on either increasing or declining of deviden. Furthermore, the study found that small capital company will gain more responses if it is compared to large capital companies.
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