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Judul: Generic Competitive Strategy
Penulis: Fransiska Natalia Ralahallo  || email:
Jurnal: Benchmark Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 51-60 Tahun 2012  [ Ekonomi dan Bisnis ]
Keywords:  Generic strategy, Competitive strategy, Generic Competitive Strategy
Abstract: This article about the literature review of several studies on Generic Competitive Strategy are: Michael E. Porter stated that the core of the competitive Strategy is all about doing something different. The approach taken by Miles and Snow are based on the success of an organization in adapting to environmental changes that occur. Based on the compiled four generic strategies: Prospector, defender, analyzer and reactor. William K. Hall of the University of Michigan (Higgins and Vincze, 1989) states that for all practical purposes, there are only two generic strategies. In addition to Hall, Mary Coulter (2002) elaborated on the two new perspectives competitive strategy that (probably) more realistic and give a description of the broader competitive strategy what is used by the company are: A Refinement of Porter's competitive strategy and a generic strategies framework of Henry Mintberg . Other authors, namely Jauch and Glueck (1988) explains there are four generic that can be considered in the selection of the strategy, namely: stability, expansion, retrenchment, and combinations.
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