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Judul: Grammatical Relations of Pronominal Prefixes in Tobelo Language
Penulis: Rosina F. J. Lekawael  || email:
Jurnal: Tahuri Vol. 11 no. 2 - hal. 34-45 Tahun 2014  [ KIP ]
Keywords:  Tobelo language, grammatical relations, pronominal prefix, syntax and semantic alignment.
Abstract: In this paper, I presented an overview of grammatical relations of pronominal prefix in Tobelo language. The pronominal prefix carries the information regarding "who" is involved in the situation being described in a word. The pronominal prefixes do not occur in isolation, and so it is impossible to think about, talk about, or write about the pronominal prefixes out of the context of the verb to they are attached. To explain deeper about pronominal prefix, this paper contains of introduction, grammatical relations, then the pronominal prefix systems, syntax and semantic alignment.
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