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Judul: Perlindungan Hukum Terhadap Korban Kejahatan Ekonomi Di Bidang Perbankan
Penulis: J. Hattu  || email:
Jurnal: SASI Vol. 16 no. 4 - hal. 36-42 Tahun 2010  [ Hukum ]
Keywords:  Protection Law, Victims, Crime Economy, Banking
Abstract: A prolonged crisis and a lack of public confidence in banking institutions resulted in the collapse of banking institutions. This is the impact of economic crime in the banking sector conducted by the bank. The next impact is the emergence of a far greater casualties than ordinary crimes. Victims of economic crime in banking including saving customers money, the bank is concerned, the banks that lend both private and public, in the abstract sense include terminated employees (layoffs) because the banks bankruptcy and economic systems become disrupted and damaged. Identifiers of the victims of crimes committed in the bank as an attempt to show that the scope of crime victims in the economic field is so large.
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