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Judul: Pembuatan Biodiesel Dari Minyak Bintanggur (Callophyllum inophyllum L.) Menggunakan Katalis Kalsium Oksida (CaO)
Penulis: I Wayan Sutapa, Rosmawaty & Ismah Samual  || email:
Jurnal: Indonesian Journal of Chemical Research Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 53-60 Tahun 2013  [ MIPA ]
Keywords:  Bintanggur oil, Biodiesel, CaO Catalyst, Esterification, Transesterification.
Abstract: The research of the biodiesel from bintanggur oil (Calophyllum inophyllum L.) using calsium oxide (CaO) catalyst had been done. In this study, a two-step process was used to produce biodiesel from bintanggur oil. Initially by esterification process using H2SO4 1.25% catalyst by weight of oil and methanol with a molar ratio of 1:9 and continued by transesterification process with 1:12 (oil : methanol) with the catalyst 8 wt% CaO. The esterification and the transesterification process carried out of 2 hours and 7 nespectively at a 65 C. The synthesis of biodiesel was analyzed by FT-IR spectrophotometer. The conversion of biodiesel is 44.49%. The biodiesels properties were caracterized by ASTM method. Results of biodiesels properties there are specific gravity of 0.8878 g/cm3, viscosity kinematic 5.572 cSt, flash point 176.5 C, pour point 9 C, cooper strip corrosion 1b, and Conradson carbon residue 2.469%.
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