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Judul: Analisis Ekonomi Pemanfaatan Hutan Mangrove di Desa Makariki Kabupaten Maluku Tengah
Penulis: Terezia V. Pattimahu  || email:
Jurnal: Cita Ekonomika Vol. no. 2 - hal. 200-208 Tahun 2014  [ Ekonomi ]
Keywords:  Valuation, forest mangrove
Abstract: The research aimed to know the economic value of the utilization of mangrove forests and the factor that influence the willingness to pay of the resources generated in the village of central Maluku district Makariki. The data was analyzed with multiple linear regression and analysisd calculation of the total economic value. From these results it can be concluded that there is a direct valuation for example fishery products such as fish garopa, baronang fish, crabs and other outcomes such as firewood, charcoal and wood building and undirect valuation enjoy by the respondent. Research using multiple linear regression showed that variables that significantly affect the willingness to pay back to the benefit of goods and services of mangrove forests is a factor of the level of income and age.
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