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Judul: Model Psikobiologis Tumor Secara Umum: Pembahasan Ditinjau Dari Aspek Biologis
Penulis: Theopilus Wilhelmus Watuguly, Tjahjono, Edi Dharmana  || email:
Jurnal: Molucca Medica Vol. 2 no. 1 - hal. 64-82 Tahun 2009  [ Kedokteran ]
Keywords:  psychobiological model, tumour biology, immunology and hormonal control systems
Abstract: The marked biological heterogenicity of human tumors means that it may not be possible to prove that psychological factors play an independent part in their development. However, growth of the whole organism and its constituent parts is under hormonal control. Psychological responses, particularly cmotional reactivity, produce alterations in many tissues vialimbic-hypothalamic-pituitary release of ‘stress’ hormones. Cancer is a disorder of cell growth involving some imbalance in normal tissues regulation. It seems reasonable therefore to postulate that psychoneuroendocrine mechanisms may play a part in cancer development. The control of tissues homeostatic is extremely complex and many factors contribute to the growth and development of tumours. Although the immune system has been regarded as an essential intermediary between putative psychological factors and the development or restraint of malignant tumours, this review indicates that many other possible mechanisms also exist. Current aspects of umours biology, immunology and hormonal control systems are reviewed, and detailed psychobiological mediating mechanisms are considered at each stage of tumour development.
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