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Judul: Estimation Of Trawllet lines selectivity for Demersal Fish
Penulis: B.G. Hutubessy, J.W. Mosse & A. Syahailatua  || email:
Jurnal: Amanisal Vol. 4 no. 1 - hal. 10-16 Tahun 2015  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Size-selectivity, Species-selectivity, Trolling, Biodiversity
Abstract: A log-normal model is used to estimate the size selectivity of trolling when data are obtained by fishing with hooks size 7 and 8. Size-selectivity is expressed here by the selection curve ( f, f, S(l)) and species-selectivity is expressed by frequency of occurrence (%). It is shown here that gear selectivity changed using different models and changed with year of fishing.Uncertainty of gear selectivity depend on the available resources, the paucity of small or large fish, and the exploitation pattern. The results suggest that there is no “optimal” size-selectivity to maintain biodiversity. We conclude: neither selective nor non-selective fishing may conserve biodiversity, sincethe outcome of fishing depends on the species composition and size structure of the community.
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