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Judul: Disposition Of Pots Funnel Direction Against The Catch Of Fish In Mamua, Sub-Distric Leihitu, Central Maluku
Penulis: Taufiniringsi Kesaulya, Delly D. P. Matrutty & M. Fazrin Uar  || email:
Jurnal: Amanisal Vol. 4 no. 1 - hal. 24-31 Tahun 2015  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Pots, funnel direction, demersal fish, catch.
Abstract: Pots classified as passive fishing gear, therefore it has to attract as many fish as possible, also capable to trap it. This research aimed to identify species of demersal fish that catched in ocean of Mamua Village and analyze the effect of pot funnel direction against the catch. The research was conducted based on experimental fishing method. The catch resulted vary in amount, size, and speices of fish. The dominant species that cathced are butterfly fish (Chaetodon cp.), „salmaneti‟ (Parupeneus sp.), and „tatu‟ (Rhinecanthus sp.), which are 40, 33, and 32 individual, respectively.
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