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Judul: Empowering Teachers' Intercultural Awareness In Developing Instructional Materials To Widen Students' Multicultural Understanding (A New Paradigm For EFL Teachers In Maluku)
Penulis: Jurnie Darakay & Francis G. Manuputty  || email:
Jurnal: Tahuri Vol. 13 no. 1 - hal. 10-22 Tahun 2016  [ KIP ]
Keywords:  Empowering, Mollucan instructional materials, multicultural, paradigm
Abstract: Empowering teachers in developing material teaching by having local content in Maluku is looked necessary as an effort to fulfill the needs of local wisdom. Teachers’ creativities are needed. The developing of Mollucan instructional materials should be able to bridge the students understanding of the local wisdom known in Maluku before they come to the global multicultural understanding in the textbook provided by school. This article proposed to discuss some theories related to empowering the teachers in Maluku to create and use local content as supplement in instructional materials. It is started by analyzing English textbook used in schools, presenting ongoing issues of the difficulties for TEFL, and brief discussion about pedagogi orang basudara (Pedagogy of Tolerance) as a peace-building curriculum should be provided in the relation with learning culture and target language in EFL classroom deals with the background of students in Maluku. It then presents the role of Mollucan instructional materials and how it is contributed to widen students’ multicultural understanding in EFL classroom. The discussion aimed to highlight the important of Mollucan instructional materials in EFL teaching and some motivations for EFL teachers in Maluku and some suggestions to mediate pedagogical implications used in multicultural classroom. The suggestions may be implemented in any language course and is appropriate for the study of any target culture.
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