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Judul: Dampak Faktor Eksternal Terhadap Kinerja Ekspor Kakao Indonesia Dengan Pola Hujan bimodal
Penulis: Yonette Maya Tupamahu & Lydia Maria Ivakdalam  || email:
Jurnal: Agrilan Vol. 1 no. 1 - hal. 61-74 Tahun 2012  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  External Factors, Exports Performance, Cocoa, Indonesia
Abstract: The purpose of this study are: identify the factors that influence export performance of Indonesian cocoa; and analyze the impact of external factors on export performance of Indonesian cocoa. This research use secondary data time series from years 1999-2009. The model is structural, simultaneous equation, so that parameter estimating 2 SLS (Two Stage Least Square). Estimation of parameters in the overal equation that has been specified processed by the Software Eviews 6. The results showed that: Indonesian cocoa exports to the United States is affected by: Additional world cocoa prices in year t, and the ratio of the exchange rate at 1 year before with the year t, Automatic Detention dummy, and Export Tax dummy; Exports of cocoa Ivory Coast affected by the ratio of world cocoa prices at 1 year before with the year-t and Cote dIvoires cocoa production on 1 year earlier; Ghana's cocoa exports are influenced by Ghana's cocoa production in year t and export of cocoa on a year earlier; and the world cocoa prices are influenced by the worlds cocoa exports in year t, the worlds cocoa imports on a year earlier, and the world price of cocoa on a year earlier. The simulation of external factors indicates that simulation II (Netherlands imports increased by 2%, United States by 1%, and Germany by 17%) may improve the export to United States and the export performance of Indonesian cocoa. Therefore the effort of procurement infrastructure facilities is necessary so that support the smooth of cocoa marketing by farmer.
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