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Judul: Zonasi Penangkapan Ikan Terbang di Selat Makassar Sebagai Solusi Mengatasi Ancaman Kepunahan
Penulis: Muhamad Ali Yahya, Rimal Hamal, & Muh. Aras  || email:
Jurnal: Amanisal Vol. 2 no. 2 - hal. 1-9 Tahun 2013  [ Perikanan & IK ]
Keywords:  Fishing location, season, and flying fish, fishing destruction threat
Abstract: The research was conducted in Makassar Strait to observe the zoning of flying fish and flying fish eggs capture using fishing season and fishing ground approach as a solution of overcoming destruction threat. Research method are combining with field and laboratory study in Makassar Strait during seven months, to collect fishing location and number of catch data, and fish biologycal parameters. The research result was shown that several fish biologycal parameters was different between fish group captured in the north and south part of Makassar Strait. However, body size of fish group that captured in the south and north was similar, but maturity index, fecundity, and sex ratio was different. Flying fishes capture was almost located in the north part, and both flying fish eggs was captured in the south part. The catch number of flying fish was higher in the north part, but flying fish eggs was only captured in the south part of Makassar Strait.
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