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Judul: Akurasi Pemeriksaan Carik Celup Pada Urinalisis Proteinuria dan Glukosuria Dibandingkan Dengan Metoda Standard
Penulis: Indranila KS & Lukitaning Puspito  || email:
Jurnal: Molucca Medica Vol. 5 no. 1 - hal. 19-23 Tahun 2012  [ Kedokteran ]
Keywords:  proteinuria, glucosuria, dipstick method
Abstract: Background: Urinalysis is a method in medical assesment which is often used for management of disease. There are some urinalysis methods that is dipstick and conventional method.It is necessary to estimate accuracy both of them. Objective: To asses the comformity between dipstick and conventional method. This research focuses on two paramaters that is glucosuria and proteinuria. Method: The sample collection method is consecutive sampling on urin sample patients in Kariadi Hospital central laboratory between Januari - Februari 2013. Research design is cross sectional, number of sample is 40 samples, age of pasien 16 -83 years old. Data is analysed with SPSS 15 version to analyse kappa value and used 2x2 table for sensitivity, specificity, positive prediction dan negative prediction value. Dipstick method compared to conventional method. Result: The sensitifity of dipstick protein assesment compare to conventional assesment is 85,7 while spesificity value is 50%. Positive prediction value for dipstick protein is 80% with negative prediction value reach 60%. The value of sensitifity of dipstick glucosa assesment compare to manual assesment achieve 91,66%, while the specificity is 85,71%. Positive dipstick glucose prediction is 73,33%; negative prediction value is 96%. Conclusion and recomendation: Glucose dipstick method can be used as screening because it has high sensitifity value, while protein dipstick method less spesific for protein renal excretion and renal damage.
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