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Judul: Prospek dan Strategi Pengembangan Kelapa di Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara
Penulis: S. Malawat  || email:
Jurnal: Budidaya Pertanian Vol. 4 no. 2 - hal. 140-151 Tahun 2008  [ Pertanian ]
Keywords:  Coconut, strategy, expansion, south east of Maluku
Abstract: Coconut is one of strategic commodities which are multifunction because almost all of its part can be exploited. Beside of its various usefulness values, coconut crop occupies second sequence after palm oil, as a source of plant oil and its national contribution reach as much as 29 %. The coconut crop area in South East Maluku District is 18583.99 ha, while the area of estate/plantation including coconut is 61898.90 ha. The result of study Agro-Ecology Zone (AEZ) reported that, in South East Maluku District, the land area which is still available for plantation including coconut is 54545,92 ha laid over in 10 Sub-districts. In an effort for coconut expansion, availability of conducting agronomic technology and post harvest are possessed by Agency for Agriculture Research and Development while funding and policy are expected from local government for the rehabilitation of the coconut condition. In upstream sector the policy is aimed for 1) revitalization of resource potency of the existing coconut tree; 2) building integrated agribusiness starting from agronomy, crop processing, until the marketing; 3) facilitating the investment; 4) improvement of exploiting of coconut as an industry component; and 5) reinforcement of local institution like co-operation; etc. Expansion strategy of coconut in South East Maluku District consisted: short term strategy which focuses to get data and up-to-date base information about coconut agro-ecology, intermediate term strategy is pointed out for coconut farmer empowerment program, that is: coconut agronomic improvement technology, improvement of its business, and long-term strategy which is aimed at development of coconut processed products program in the places/centre of coconut production.
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